Ecobank Transfer Code & Exclusive Ecobank Balance Code 2024

Ecobank Transfer Code & Exclusive Ecobank Balance Code 2024

Ecobank transfer code 2024. One of the first warning signs of masochism is going to a Ecobank branch to make financial transactions when you have a phone.

You can always download and use the Ecobank app if you have a good internet connection. However, not everyone has access to a good internet connection, and Ecobank knows that.

Their alternative for users without internet is the Ecobank transfer code: *326#. It is a simple USSD code that lets you make most of your banking transactions on your device without internet access.

It is available to all Ecobank users in Nigeria, regardless of their network provider. This article extensively details how to activate and use the Ecobank transfer code for your banking transactions.

How To Start Using Ecobank Transfer Code

The first prerequisite for using any Ecobank transfer codes is to have a Ecobank account. If you’re reading this, I assume you already have an account, so no obsessing over this.

Next, you must register for the Ecobank USSD Quick Banking. The registration process is simple, and as long as you have a phone and a Ecobank account, you’re good.

Here are the detailed steps to follow to start using the Quick Banking feature with Ecobank.

  1. Dial *326# on your phone.

Open the phone app on your Android or iOS device and dial the USSD code for setting up Ecobank Quick Banking.

Ensure you’re dialing this code on the phone number you used while setting up your Ecobank account to provide a seamless link to your account, negating the need for further verifications.

When you enter this code, you should receive a message informing you that Ecobank will deduct a ₦6.98 network charge for all transactions. You must reply to the message with “1” to accept the terms and continue.

After accepting, you’ll get a menu with three options. Reply with “2” to register for Ecobank Quick Banking if you have a Ecobank account.

If you don’t have a Ecobank account, you’ll get a message that reads: “You do not have a Ecobank account.” However, you can always create an account using the same USSD code.

2. Choose your preferred card and create a PIN.

If you have an account with Ecobank, you should see a list of your linked debit cards, with their numbers partly masked.

Here, you can select the card you’d like to use with Ecobank Quick Banking. You will be required to verify the card by entering its four-digit PIN. You should enter the PIN you chose while setting up the card.

Afterward, you’ll need to create a five-digit PIN. This time, the PIN isn’t for the debit card, but it’s your new Ecobank transfer PIN.

You will need your transfer PIN whenever you’re making any transactions using the Ecobank transfer code. So, you must choose one to secure your account from unauthorized use.

After settings up a transfer PIN, you’ve completed the setup. Using the *326# USSD code, you can access almost every banking feature without an internet connection.

How To Use The Ecobank Transfer Code For Transactions

Now that you’ve set up your Ecobank account to use the Quick Banking feature, what exactly can you do with it.

In this section, you’ll learn almost everything you can do with *326# and detailed guides on how to do them.

  1. Money transfers

Quick Banking got many official names from Ecobank. Their website referred to it as Quick Banking and USSD Banking. However, the only one that seemed to stick was ‘transfer code,’ since that’s almost everything for which most people use it.

Transferring money from one account to another is the most popular function of Ecobank USSD Banking, hence the name ‘Ecobank transfer code.’

To transfer money using Ecobank USSD code, dial *326*Recipient’s account number*Amount#. You will need to enter your transfer PIN to complete the transaction.

Remember, every transaction you make using the Ecobank transaction code will cost you N6.98, which doesn’t exclude a transfer.

2. Airtime purchase

Using Ecobank’s *326# USSD code, you can purchase airtime using the money from your bank account. You can buy airtime for yourself or others if you don’t exceed the N10,000 daily limit.

If you’re purchasing airtime for the phone number you used to create your Ecobank account, you only need to enter *326*Airtime amount#.

However, if you’re buying airtime for other phone numbers, you will need to specify the number. You can do this by dialing *326*Airtime amount*Recipient phone number#.

Either way, you’ll need to verify the transaction by entering your five-digit transaction PIN, and you’ll need to shell out a ₦6.98 service charge.

3. Checking account balance

If you have an account with Ecobank and you’ve set up the Quick Banking feature, you can always check your account balance by dialing *326*0#.

To get a more detailed statement of account, dial *326*Account number#.

That’s not all you can do with the Ecobank transfer code. If you can dig around carefully enough, you can access a whole world of other banking options without internet access.

Some of the services available via USSD include utility bill payments, creating Ecobank accounts, linking BVN to bank accounts, among other numerous features.

However, you shell out a ₦6.98 service fee each time you use any of these features. Thus, it can be more economical to use the EcoMobile app for your transactions whenever you have internet.

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With the realization that many Nigerians lack access to constant internet, more banks have adopted USSD transaction options, and Ecobank isn’t left behind.

With their popular 326 banking, you can access most of your favorite banking features without launching your bank app or walking to the bank.

This article details how you can set up your account to use the Ecobank transfer code for most of your banking transactions.

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